10:00 AM - Corporate Intercession
(Prayer Room)
10:30 AM - Worship Service
Children's Church
Nursery Provided!
7:00 PM - Bible Study
8:00 PM - Prayer Meeting
Phone: 770-310-4502
Email : Click Here
“Reaching Nations...Preaching Jesus”
Ushering God’s people ‘from the Outer Courts into the Throne Room’
Inviting and expecting God to show up as we ‘Raise the Altars of our Hearts’ to Him.
Facilitating a flow of Unrestricted Worship led by the Holy Spirit.
Teaching the Word of God without compromise to ...
Develop a relationship with God
Mature in God
Overcome addictions
Reject sickness
Resist abuse
Manage stress
Become debt-free
Live in excellence
Maintain a balanced lifestyle by adopting spiritual, moral and legal principles.
Equipping believers for the work of the ministry.
“This dynamic ministry sets hearts on Fire for God”
Focused on drawing people from all sectors of society to Jesus Christ through salvation, with Signs Wonders & Miracles. Declaring God’s Word of hope for all nations and ethic groups.
“Raising people to be Praising People”
So many people enter God’s house, yet few seem to enter ‘His Presence,’ which motivates us with a passion to see all of God’s people enter ‘His Throne Room’
The awesome encounter of ‘Glory of God’ through the anointed revelation of God’s Word and Worship. Nothing is spared in setting the atmosphere when preparing hearts to experience and receive God’s Word through Signs, Wonders and Miracles.
“My heart goes out for every person to have an encounter with our Heavenly Father’s tender love, irrespective of where they’ve been or what they’ve done. For every person to know, understand and experience the incredible fulfillment of having God’s perfect purpose revealed and operative in their life.”
Rev. Neville Billy
“My passion is to see broken lives repaired by the Father’s love, marriages enhanced and reconciled and wholesome family values to be incorporated and encouraged in every home.“
Rev. Donnella Billy
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