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God Answers Prayer!
The power of prayer is awesome! This page lists a few of the many praise reports from people who attest to the power of prayer.

The Lord guided me to Raise His Praise at a time in my life when I was so spiritually wounded that I literally felt like I was physically dying.  I was at a point in my life for various reasons where God was severing the ties I had with a ministry that I had been a part of for seven years.  They were all I knew.  I had left my hometown to follow the ministry and had no family or friends outside of the ministry. 

I felt as if my heart had been ripped from my body but I knew that I had heard the voice of the Lord clearly when he instructed me never to go back. Later that evening, I got on the internet to try and find a church I could go to the next day because I had recently moved to a new area where I did not know anyone.  I found a church directory for my city and the name Raise His Praise stood out to me. 

When I pulled up in the parking lot the next morning I could hear the praise and Worship and said to myself, "that is where I need to be."  When I went inside, the people greeted me and made me feel welcome and I could really feel the love of God there.

The Lord really allowed Pastor Tino to minister to me not only through the word but prophetically as well, even about the situation that had just happened the day before. I knew that God had sent me there and that it was to be a place of healing for me.  Pastors Tino and Donnella welcomed me with open arms, loved me, counseled me, prayed with and for me and truly made me feel a part of the Raise His Praise family.  Everyone was so loving and supportive and truly don't know where I would be if God had not led me there and they had not received me with open arms.  I love Pastors Tino and Donnella with a love I can't explain.  They are my spiritual Mom and Dad.  They love me unconditionally, they nurtured me, they taught me, and they did whatever they could to help me.
They allowed God to use them to save my life and I will be eternally grateful for that. 

Rudelle Thomas
Editor of Divine Eloquence Magazine

Mr. Matteson a war veteran suffered from severe pains in his shoulder and was healed after Pastor Billy prayed for him.

God truly heals!

Corine Davis was experiencing a fever that left her feeling unusually weak. She decided to have it checked out. Doctors found a spot on one of Corine’s lungs. A few years ago, Corine suffered from a collapsed lung, therefore she did not want to take any chances. At first the doctors dismissed the concern as nothing to worry about. However, a few hours later she got a call from the Doctor's office that one of the test revealed that she had a spot on her lung and she needed to come in immediately for some more tests.
Corine went into hospital and underwent the tests requested by her Doctors, and waiting for the results, her husband called Pastor Billy who prayed over the phone for God to touch Corine’s body and the doctors to giver her a clean bill of health. No soon as Pastor had put the phone down, Corine’s husband called back to tell Pastor Billy that the doctors said the spot was ‘gone.’ That same day, Corine was released from hospital and returned to work the next day.
There is no distance with prayer!
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