10:00 AM - Corporate Intercession
(Prayer Room)
10:30 AM - Worship Service
Children's Church
Nursery Provided!
7:00 PM - Bible Study
8:00 PM - Prayer Meeting
Phone: 770-310-4502
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Relating to children
Speaking their language
Introducing them to the love of God
Showing them how to have a personal relationship with God
Studies have shown that a child’s character is basically shaped in the first five years of their life. The pocess of shaping a childs character in a posiitive way is clearly outlined in the bible: “train up a child in the way in should go”.
Our KFC staff are driven by their love for children and the desire to see each child tap into to God’s purpose for their life. Every child is treated with love, care and sensitivity, irrespective of age and heritage. Lessons are prayferfully prepared and presented in the form of vibrant and exciting programs that include bible stories that relate to every day living, games, singing, shows, re-enactments, etc.
We look forward to ‘exploring God together’ with your child.
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