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“Pray with us today – we’ll pray with you tomorrow”
Intercessors World Wide is a ministry dedicated to provide prayer support for those who are facing the trauma of terminal sickness, and life threatening circumstances beyond their control. Intercessors positioned around the globe are alerted by an email distribution list, who immediately engage in ‘actual’ prayer for those individuals and their families. Prayer request of a sensitive nature are treated with utmost confidentiality, whenever requested.
These faithful Prayer Servants pray for people they have never met, and stand in the gap for them as a personal friend would. Our prayer has touched and restore many people in various countries, as God intervened through the prayers of our intercessors.
If you’re facing a terminal situation as described above, send an email to Pastor Donnella Billy who will within hours rally prayer around the globe for your situation.
For all other prayer requests, send an email to our Prayer Ushers
“You never know when you and your family may be in need of someone else’s prayer”
Rev. Neville Billy
May 15, 2005
On May 15, 2005, Pentecost Sunday, the largest prayer meeting in history will cover the earth. It is called “The Global Day of Prayer” (GDOP) and its mission is to mobilize Christians in every nation to pray with one voice on one day to ask God to Reveal His Glory and Bless the Nations of the Earth. Up to 200 million Christians are projected to take part from as many as 175 nations, and include small villages to major cities.
This rapidly-growing grassroots phenomenon has its gravitational center in South Africa, where in four years a single stadium event of 45,000 Africans grew to more than 2,000 venues across 56 nations and 23 million people across the continent of Africa. Like a wave, it is now spreading across the globe. A television, radio, and Internet simulcast is planned. Stadium events projected to be covered include Suva, Fiji; Hong Kong, China; Jakarta, Indonesia; Chennai, India; Cape Town, South Africa; Cairo, Egypt; Basel, Switzerland; Belfast, Ireland; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dallas, TX; and Calgary, Alberta.
Though the Global Day of Prayer will launch on May 15, 2005, it will be celebrated each Pentecost Sunday until the year 2010, and build to a goal of 500 million participants. Unlike other days of prayer, it includes mobilization to actively bless towns and cities. Its theological umbrella is the Apostle’s Creed, the most ancient confession of the Christian Church.
The Process
The GDOP process is taken from the Book of Acts in the Bible that recounts the birth of the Christian Church in the city of Jerusalem. Leading up to the first Pentecost, followers of Jesus prayed continually for ten days. Then, on Pentecost, God answered their prayers publicly and gave birth to the Church. Then, after Pentecost, the new Church experienced intense unity across racial and economic lines, filled the city with awe and wonder, sold possessions and gave to the poor, saw astounding growth, and experienced the favor of the city.
Likewise, the Global Day of Prayer will include three elements:
First, it will be preceded by ten days of prayer around the clock from May 5 - 14. (For a prayer guide see The youth will pray all night into the tenth day in what is called “The Whole Night for the Whole World” (see
Second, on Pentecost (May 15), Christians from across racial, economic, and denominational lines will gather in stadiums and other public venues for prayer including a “Prayer for the World” that will be prayed in unison on every continent.
And Third, the ninety days following Pentecost will see those who prayed together collaborating to “bless the city” in which they live. It is called “90 Days of Blessing.”
  Atlanta Global Day of Prayer
Atlanta has joined the growing list of cities by participating in a city-wide prayer event scheduled for May 15 from 3 PM to 6 PM. The prayer gathering will take place at a location to be announced. Each community is autonomous and asked to create its own projects consonant with their own culture and setting.
Churches are encouraged to not only honor the Gospel in word, but also in deed such as building or repairing low income housing, tutoring needy students, repairing school buildings, concert series in parks, evangelism, artistic fairs, job training, caring for the weak, and more.
Several key groups are providing leadership to the Atlanta event including uniteAtlanta, the Georgia Strategic Prayer Network, Atlanta Christian Foundation, the Atlanta Coalition of Workplace Ministries and the Atlanta Christian business community.
  Not Just Atlanta
The Atlanta Global Day of Prayer is not just for Atlanta. We believe cities throughout the state will also want to join in prayer in their own cities. Our vision includes the entire State of Georgia.
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